Kardasis M &E LTD is a leading Greek and family owned company with more than 50 years experience in pastry decoration products. Our headquarters are in Agios Dimitrios, in Athens. We produce ourselves high quality products such as sugar paper, sugar paste fondant, edible inks, sugar decoration shapes and we create a great variety of decorating products for cakes, cupcakes etc . We have a remarkable action in Greek market and abroad, with a lot of customers around the world. Our company has participations in trade fairs in the field of food exhibitions, especially in Germany (IBA and ISM) since 20 years. We have successful corporations with our clients and frequent communication in order to listen to their wishes for further feedback, to become even better.


Our company has main purpose to produce more innovating products in the field of pastry decoration, in order to satisfy our clients expectations and attracting new candidate clients to taste our high quality products. Our emphasis on customers needs is part of the company’s vision, which stresses being “the customer’s first choice, with a human face and respect for the consumer”. Keeping our focus on the customer and respecting each customer’s needs, we utilize the positive elements of the past and strengthen our position in the Greek market by exporting our products throughout the world.


ISO 22000

ISO 9001

ISO 14001


Certification Kosher


"the customer's first choice,
with a human face and respect
for the consumer."